Georgia Salzburger Genealogy and History

Sharing Information about Georgia Salzburgers 

Site Purpose - What we hope to accomplish with this site.

A great deal of research has been done on the Salzburger Emigration to Georgia and we have a rich history.  There are pieces of information that many of us have and would love to share.  There are Facebook groups that share valuable information about our families and our history.  The Georgia Salzburger Society has a wealth of information in the library and we have family trees that overlap as different Salzburger families married others and so forth. We spend time and research building our family trees and would love to share this information.

This site has been established with these goals in mind. The guiding objective is to provide a means of sharing information in a "somewhat structured" manner.  

The term "somewhat structured" causes computer folks (like me) to shake our heads, saying it won't work.  But the problem with our family data is it, in general, has only some structure to it. Our family trees are very structured. Mom and Dad had kids, etc.  But posting that on Facebook does not give any structure to the data. Posting it on Ancestry is great but also has problems. For us Salzburgers, it would be great to have a "Salzburger" family tree and all Salzburger Families who might wish to contribute, could do so and anyone could view the information.

And it would be great if we could contribute information about our families in a "somewhat structured" manner.  I became interested in these objectives a number of years ago when I had a discussion with a Salzburger friend, Lee Lineberger.  He had a family book written by Joe Lineberger that was out of print.  Joe had spent years of his life researching the Lineberger family and, other than a some private printed books, the information had been lost over time.

Not knowing what I was getting into, I took the book, scanned it, corrected and re-entered data on every page of the 300+ page book.  I did this with permission from Joe that I could put it up on a website for all to see while observing his copyright.  This process took...well, I'm embarrassed to say how long.

It isn't quick to take an old paper book, scan it, etc.  After my wounds healed from that lengthy process, I then did the Heidt book and it is currently on this web site. It was written by Evelyn Heidt Hendricks in 1981 and was also out of print. 

As a Heidt, I could not let that work be lost and the Hendricks family gave me permission to publish it on this web site as did Joe Lineberger.  I intend to bring the Lineberger book up on this site also in the near future.

So here is the objective for family information as I've described for the Heidt and Lineberger family.  This site will have an area for any Salzburger Family that wishes to contribute to this site. The intent is to have "somewhat structured" areas for Salzburger Families. 

For example, should a Salzburger Family "XYZ" wish to establish a section for the "XYZ" family on this site, we will do the following:

  • Setup a Family Page for the "XYZ" family
  • Establish a Genealogy section for the "XYZ" family
  • Note who will maintain and coordinate this section of the site

Please contact us if you are interested in coordinating a family section on this site. Use the email address of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information.

The site is maintained and run under the umbrella of LowCountry Technology Inc (LCT) and all expenses and liabilities are the direct responsibility of LCT. Lowcountry Technology is contributing to the cost and maintenance of the site and will does not intend to profit from this endeavor. It may request donations in the future should expenses dictate or possibly use advertisements but this will hopefully not be necessary. This is intended to be a donation by LCT to our Salzburger Heritage.